31​/​01​/​19 1000Fryd, Aalborg, Denmark


31​/​01​/​19 1000Fryd, Aalborg, Denmark


Live recording of the complete concert at 1000Fryd in Aalborg in the north of Jutland. A very relaxed evening, with some excessive chatting from the stage and friends joining me for a couple of songs near the end. 

Uhrskov;Andersen also played this night and they're here.

320kbps mp3 files with full artwork.

01. The River Of Men Flows Without End
02. The Shot
03. The Royal Canal
04. Boys, I Am Worried
05. (talking)
06. Pure Black Coal
07. Lover O Lover
08. Deserter
09. (talking)
10. I Was In The North Before The Fall
11. (talking)
12. So Long Song
13. (talking)
14. Super Good Advice (with Stefanie from Vivian Void)
15. (talking)
16. We Could Have, We Should Have, We Didn’t (with Stefanie from Vivian Void and Uhrskov;Andersen)
17. We Swam A Little Song