14/01/19 Kunsthaus, Essen, Germany


14/01/19 Kunsthaus, Essen, Germany

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A return to the Kunsthaus in Essen for a somewhat lively and talkative concert. Some newer songs, some requests for good friends at the show. 

320kbps mp3 files with full artwork.

01. (intro)
02. The River Of Men Flows Without End
03. The Royal Canal
04. Boys, I Am Worried
05. When I Was Away
06. Pure Black Coal
07. Lover O Lover
08. Deserter
09. Make Each Other Anew
10. When I Was Single
12. Suit Of Stones
13. So Long Song
14. We Swam A Little Song
15. (talking)
16. The Burning Of Two
17. You Belong To Me

All songs written by Stephen Burch, except: 
05. which is traditional, with additional lyrics and arrangement by Stephen Burch and 17. which is credited to Pee Wee King, Chilton Price and Redd Stewart. 

Stephen Burch: Martin D35 acoustic guitar and vocals. 
Recorded on a Zoom H5 with a mono signal from the mixing desk and stereo mics in the room. 
The cover photo is by Anne Smidt.

The previous 2018 concert at the Kunsthaus is here: 

Please note that there was no sound technician at the mixing desk throughout the concert and subsequently the microphone peaks at several parts during the couple of louder songs. This lasts just a few, brief moments but could not be removed as it was on both the mixing desk and room sources. Please listen to the version of 'Lover O Lover' for the worst of it. It is what it is. 

Also, 'When I Was Single' was played acoustic in the middle of the room so naturally sounds different to the rest of the set.