Various, random recordings available to download for free. Please check back for more as I’m finding things and updating this page all the time.

‘We Could Have, We Should Have, We Didn’t’

Live at 1000Fryd in Aalborg, Denmark at the end of January 2019. I was joined onstage by Stefanie from Vivian Void and Anders and Martin from Uhrskov;Andersen. We didn’t rehearse it or anything like that, lots of fun.

‘Jim Jones’

From a house concert near Aarau, Switzerland. This was with Sophia Basler on violin and neither of us had played this traditional song before.

‘If You're Looking To Get Lost
In The North That's What We Got’

My first run through of the song, from ‘The North EP’ recorded one week in summer 2016.

‘I Was In The North Before The Fall’

Live at the Odeon in Brugg, Switzerland with
Sophia Basler on violin.

‘Paper Birds’

Recorded at my last concert at the beloved Hasenschaukel, in Hamburg, Germany shortly before they called last orders for the last time.
Played for Marte, as ever.

‘We Could Have, We Should Have, We Didn’t’

The original take recorded into a couple of mics at Kristin McClement’s room in Bristol, England in 2008. I carried this around for the next couple of weeks, asking friends to play on it wherever I met them. It grew and grew.


I recorded an album called ‘Fire Escape’ one week in 2008 whilst living in Brighton, England. It was released as WR013 through Woodland Recordings in an edition of 50 copies and is now unavailable anywhere. Sam Collins played guitar on a number of the songs and we recorded most of it in the basement of Oxfam on Western Rd.