Video: 'Pure Black Coal' from Kröpelin last weekend.

Here’s a video filmed by Marv from my concert in Kröpelin at de DROM.

This was a difficult night for me somehow, perhaps due to the events of the night before (see this post for that) but the room sounded grand and there were enough people to shout this stuff to. Perhaps it’s time to put this odd, spiteful song away for a little while though - have been singing it with a little too much joy and relish for my liking recently.

Anyhow, more to come from this show perhaps. For now, here comes an early night. Hope you’ve had a lovely weekend.


'Now We Know How We Don't' from 'A Day'

A simple video filmed where I recorded ‘A Day’ which is now available to pre-order here:

I was going to wait a few more weeks before I made this but then I realised that I have a little time right now so it didn’t make sense to sit around looking at the stuff and listening over and over to the thing.

So, you can buy it now and you’ll get a download of the song ‘Now We Know How We Don’t’ today and the rest of the album on the 21st. I’ve made a physical edition too which will be sent out at the same time. I’ll write more about that in a few days but this morning it looks like this:

If you’ve signed up to the newsletter I’ll send you a free download of an exclusive track before the album is released and you can do that here.

Recording this album was an intense, joyful experience. A concentrated but loose 24 hours. Writing fast and seeing how things fell. I really try not to think too much or try to make perfect music but rather keep a record of how things go and this is certainly one of those.

Anyway, more later as ever - have a lovely weekend.