live recording

Between Wiesbaden and Karlsruhe (free download)

I left town mid-morning rode west and up across towards Köln and a couple of small local trains to Grevenbroich. Nicole picked me and up and took her to her house - it was her birthday and I had been asked to play a little concert at her place for her, her friends and family. 

We walked down the lane, by fields and the river. Warm, spring evening.

Everyone sat around and I sat around too and played a bunch of things, actually quite a lot of things. Loads. Half an hour after I finally stopped Achim said he wanted to go home right away to get his saxophone and play some with me, so that happened as well. Maybe you’ll get to hear that but someone has to ask because it’s kind of a mess. The best kind.

The next morning he kindly drove me back to the station and I rode down to Stuttgart for a day off, completely not on the route but really exactly the right place to be for a brilliant evening of delicious Swabian food at Vetter, lovely company and the next day the Seilbahn and a graveyard and all the good things to be found down there.

Yesterday I took a train back up along the Rhine, around the Loreley corner and to Wiesbaden where I was back at the lovely little Wakker room. I’ve played here a few times before and it’s always been very cosy and fun. Last night was no exception and the room filled up and people squeezed in and sat down the front and I played some new songs, plenty old songs.

From the back of the tiny room here’s a free download the last song of the evening. It does go on a bit.

I’m in Karlsruhe tonight to play a long overdue concert at NUN. I was last here back in 2009 or so with Liz Green and her band and it was the first the first time I stood up to play a gig. We were all barefoot that week and super pretentious and sloppy. Was a grand time.

New limited CDr releases

I just made a simple, stamped CDr edition of a recent live recording and it’s available now over at my Bandcamp page here. It’s the complete concert from Aalborg in January with a nice sound and some special guests on a couple of songs.

As with all physical orders on Bandcamp it also comes with an immediate download in a choice of formats so it’s a pretty good deal. I know that some people would like to listen to these recordings but are not that into digital downloads so here it is. I’ll most likely follow with more in the next weeks.